Keyword Tool For Google Adwords Advertisers

Keyword TurboCharger is an amazingly powerful tool which allows you to instantly pick up more Google Adwords traffic by generating THOUSANDS of combinations of keywords that would take you DAYS to come up with on your own. You can use this great Keyword Tool along with other Keyword Tools because the KTC combines those other keywords ideas and saves you potentially hours of typing and typos.

The Keyword TurboCharger is now FREE!

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MODEL KEYWORD -- Have a model keyword in mind? Type it here for your own reference.
NOW, Split it up into parts, enter each part into its own column, and add alternatives for each part.
  Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Do you need words from each column for every generated keyword?
If not, set the Column to Optional or Off.
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Domainnames or Keywords

OPTIONS  Type in some negative keywords, and choose your Matching Options.
Negative Keywords Matching Options

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Click the button! Then look at all those keywords!
Review the list, delete what you don't want, and then paste it
into your Google Adwords campaign. It's THAT easy.